Did Brenton Tarrant visited pakistan in October 2018???


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Since social media isn't some sort of proof. But a post from Oct 2018 has been made viral by bots accros the border about a person introducing Brenton Tarrant visiting and appreciating Gilgit Baltistan beauty and tourism in pakistan.

I am really wonder how our adversaries on either side of our borders and international establishment will some how use this post from Oct 2018 to twist the fact and even prove this #WhiteSupremacist has come to pakistan not for tourism but for "terrorism" training.

Note: I really would like to know if on social media we can put some back dated post. I know we can edit our old post but can we edit it like that?


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OP doesn't want us to watch the shooting and yet he's posting this 'distraction'. The terrorist is probably a dual nationalist (Israeli) trained in the terrorist Kibbutz training camp.

This attack has coincided with the attack on Gaza by the Zionist state, this is the real reason. Netanyahu is in trouble and may lose the election.


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I saw the very same picture on a news portal the caption mentioned Pakistan and I was shocked


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Not a big deal, he visited many places including North Korea. It rather seems doubtless he became a drifter and a loner, probably an incel too given his posting in forums known to be have concentration of far-right and incel youngsters. Here's Brenton Tarrent in North Korea.
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