DG ISPR responds to Indian Minister Rajnath Singh's 'first use nuclear policy' statement


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!بھارت ایک بےشرم ہجڑا ہے جسے اپنے نانچ اور ٹانگیں کھولنے کے علاوہ کچھ بھی پسند نہیں
دو منٹ قریشی چپ ہوا تو کام کی بات پاکستانیوں تک پونچھ سکی۔


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So our General is responding to their politician. Who says Pakistan is a democracy? it is a military junta.

Dunkin Donut

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up until now, we have tried to bluff the world that we will have no choice but to use Nukes in a war with India because of the massive size of Indian Armed Forces


Indians have returned the bluff and the world seems to be taking their side as we are economically so poor that without IMF, we cant even buy two rottis daily
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