Details of Ghazwa-e-Hind by Orya Maqbool Jan


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Authentic ahadees are only 6 books. Is this hadees mentioned in there ?
azeezam pindwala sb, all ahaadis are authentic which are according to the quran regardless in which book of hadis they are found so long as they have authentic chain of narrators as well.

I think what you are trying to say is, some of the ahaadis books are better than others because they contain more of the authentic ahaadis or more number of hadis reports etc.

regards and all the best.


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Orya retirement ke bad pagal ho gaya hai .kisi din yeh aur LAL topi zaid hamid india ke border par hamla karte huye pakade jayenge .
Bachay in ko hum dekh kein ge.
You got yo look after yourself. Your modi will be banned again to enter countries again like after his massacre with gujarati muslims


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What we have read and heard is that those 6 books went through extreme scrutiny when they were compiled. So they ought to be authentic.
Anything not mentioned in those books may not be.
Offcourse not everything prophet said is included in those books. But remember these books were compiled by some of the very well read and articulate sahaba at that time and if they did not include this hadees than there was not enough evidence/reason to do so and thats why i think it is cautious approach to not qoute such hadees . Remember accuracy and bidah are 2 important issues in islam and it is better to err of the side of the caution.
I more or less agree with you, but my point was, we should be respectful when dealing Hadith, should never naudubillah mock it because regardless in which book the Hadith is mentioned, there's always possibility the Hadith can be Sahih, and Prophet's actual words, may peace and blessings be upon him..
(Depending on text and narration of course)
And may Allah guide us..


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Bachay in ko hum dekh kein ge.
You got yo look after yourself. Your modi will be banned again to enter countries again like after his massacre with gujarati muslims
dekh loge ?
70 sal se dekhte huye bangladesh ban gaya , dekhte raho bhikh mangte raho .


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Ye sex expert b is qabil ho gaya k ab hadees k mafhoom samjhaey ga...Is SEX expert se pocho....

Jay Hind kiska nara hey?
Raja dahir k sindh k deebal ka tha ya aaj k india ka hey?

Sindh to us wakt b tha LAIKIN hadees me words SINDH k nhi HIND k hain.

Is hadees me Awal ya Akhir k to alfaaz hi nhi... Hadees k jb alfaaz me awal akhir ka koi zikr hi nhi to YE APNI TARAF SE KION ALFAAZ shamil kr rha hey?

Ye kis authority se Mohammad bin qasim k deebal SINDH pe hmly ko ghazwa e hind bna k paish kr rha hey? Kia raja dahir HIND ka hukamran tha? Ya sirf deebal sindh ka?

Mohammad bin Qasim sirf Sindh k aik raja se lara, HIND se nhi.

Ore VO ITNI bari ore aham jang nhi jisey ghazwa e HIND kaha ja sakey ore us me shirkat krny valoon ore shaheedon ka itna martba btaya jaey...

YAKEENAN ye koi bohut bari ore DECISIVE JANG ka zikr hey jo MUSLIM UMMAH k liey nehayat ahm ho gee.

MAAZI me to kabi aisee powerful HIND ki hkoomat rahi hi nhi, JO MUSALMANO k liey koi threat ho.

Aaj hey ye taqat jo khul k MUSALMANO K KHILAAF HEY, ore Dusree NISHANI isky ore ISRAEL ka gath jore b hey....

SAME VOHI SCENARIO jo k Mushrekeen e MAKKA ore KHYBER k yahoodion ka us dore me tha. Aaj b ye 2 TAQATAIN HMAREE DUSHMAN hain.

Ore HADEES me inhee 2no ka zikr hey. INSHA ALLAH fateh MAKKAH ki tareekh b duhraee jaey gee (yaani HIND FATHA KIA JAEY GA) ore

Fateh KHYBER(israel fatha ho ga) ki tareekh b duhraee JAEY GEE.... 2no lashkrn me madina valy shamil they us wakt, ore aaj madina e sani yani PAKISTAN k log shamil hongey.
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