Death Sentence For Corruption - PTI Submits Resolution in Punjab Assembly


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Oh my brothers.... Saza to tb milay gee jab CORRUPTION sabit hogee.

Our JUDICIAL system can only catch and punish the corrupt, if he is POOR.

The CORRUPTION done by THE RICH cannot be explained, caught or punished by our GREAT JUDICIAL SYSTEM.

So, tomorrow, you'll see our COURTS hanging POOR people for mixing water with this is corruption


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What? Qarardad for what purpose?
If they are serious they should initiate a bill in NA where they have majority but never forget that Senate or even the courts will create impassible hindrances. They should rather wait for a couple of years and then hit hard from a stronger position.

First they need to soften bureaucracy and opposition before threatening them with death penalty otherwise the flight of capital and slowdown of economy will be unmanageable.

In any case, government should focus to increase the capacity of NAB, FBR and police reforms. First, focus on collection of Rs. 100 billion (or even more) as targeted in the revised budget directly from the rich classes.


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According to empirical studies death sentences are costly and counter productive. In almost every case study the crime that the penalty was used to reduce was substantially increased. It is also more expensive that life imprisonment. Almost every civilized country on Earth has long abolished deatth penalty. Its not only inhumane, but has no benefit for society.
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