Current Government is the most ineligible in the history of Pakistan: Hamza Shehbaz


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Yes it is because it doesn't believe in "Ao mil kar khae Pakistan". Warna toh PPP aur PML-N 40 saal say aek dusray ko corrupt aur ghaddar keh kar vote letay rahay, lakin aaj jab waqai kisi ne corruption par andher kiya toh dono bhai sath mil gae.

Tm logo ka illegal danda band karwa diya toh ineligible hi hui na.


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Thank God Pakistan is less corrupt under Imran Khan government.
Please don't mention Transparency International report to me, I don't read newspapers on Imran Khan's advice.


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حمزہ چور اس کا باپ چور تایا چور بہنوئی چور .سب لوٹ کر کھا گے پاکستان کو
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