Cricket World Cup 2019 – Australia set Pakistan 308 to win

Kashif Rafiq

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آسٹریلیا کا پاکستان کو جیت کیلئے 308 رنز کا ہدف

محمد عامر کی تباہ کن باولنگ،5 وکٹیں حاصل کیں

ڈیوڈ وارنر 107،ارون فنچ 82رنز بنا کر نمایاں

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Faisal Mian

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Good control in the end.

Now its a 50/50 chance...

The only weak point is that wicket is wet and the advantage Pakistani Bowlers could not get, Australians shall definitely'll get

Citizen X

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Pakistan's chasing is not so good, just hoping they don't lose early wickets, shit in their pants and come under pressure. No wicket should fall at least till 150-200 score is made and we should be close to 200 by the 20th to 25th over


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In'shaAllah Pakistan will win... Just play first 10 overs very sensibly.. I doubt Fakhar he is like Afridi just always go for blind hitting.


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If it was 208 we could have hoped , now we think Pakistan will make 309 :( that too while chasing , if Pakistan will win this match then we will play final otherwise better luck next time.


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Asif singlehandedly lost the match for pakistan...send this as*hole back to country....he should only play PSL and keep him at an arm's length at int'l cricket
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