Covid Cases are sky rocketing in India - 1 million cases in last 10 days


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Jidher abaadi boht ziyada hay or ghurbat bhi boht ziyada hay aisey mulko ka yehi haal hona hay. China ki abaadi in se bhi ziyada hay mager unho ne spray kar kar kay virus ka satiyanaas kar dia, China sirf ehtiaat or fori action lainey ki waja se bacha hay. Pakistan to lagta hay kisi ki Dua ki waja se bacha hay warna jaisey Pakistani behave kar rahey thay in ka haal bhi India wala hi hona tha


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This is alarming..All countries who have borders with India should immediately close them..ban flights and peoples from India till India able to control spread of Covid19..India is more dangerous country to spread the Virus..becoz.poor health system..big population..70% peoples live in poor conditions.. hygienically low level....I wonder why others countries still not take precautions towards India??


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Cases are increasing in Israel, India and other such countries.
Allah's curse is now upon us because of MODI type people
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