Couple arrested for ‘sexually abusing, filming’ 45 girls in Rawalpindi


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Who is going to clean the society of perverts?
Who is going to educate the naive "bachian"?
The police are a bunch of idiots who are only reactive instead of proactive. A normal police force would PREVENT such crimes instead of "resolving them"....Would sur elike to know what the tabdeeli sarkar has done in police reforms...
Why are these girls called "bachiyan" ? As far as i know...I would not consider anyone over 16 a "bachi......
Shehrayar Afridi
Sheeda Talee
Uncle Firdous Khan
Teeli Pehlwan
Sheeren mazari
Halal Honey guy when he comes back as a ghazi
Commando Faisal Wayda
Amir Liaqat

are they not enough to do all that you mentioned????


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45 girls?? If we had normalized females seeking justice for sexual assault instead of fostering a culture of victim blaming, one of their victims would have felt empowered enough to speak up and stop them sooner.


Humara Qanon itna Dheela hai k inhay koi Esi saza nahi milni jis say log Darain, bas kuch dino bad esa phr koi Waqia ho jana hai or wo bhi pata chalay ga k kitni Larkiyon k sath esi harket kr chukay hain.
Allah Humari Aurtoon ko apni Hifazat mai rakhay or door rakhay in jesay logon say.
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