Corruption is a non-issue for me - Maulana Fazal u Rehman


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Waseem, baadameee? Why would you invite a illiterate RAW agent to ur show? Your producer is ANTI PAKISTAN.

What this PIG has to say? That will benefit animal kind? Stop giving terrorist sympathizers platform.


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Iss khanzeer ke wastay to double Gay hram kaari rishwat apnay ghrr mai double shiftain lagwana bhi non issue hai laaantt haai aisaay Islam frosh Munafiq corrupt Pimp double Gay aur Munafiq prr ho khanzeeer islam kaa naam laay krr corruption ko fragh daay raha hai aisaay h...mi alnasal ko khanzeeer ul shaitan hi kaha jaataa hai


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This man is our so-called religious scholar. Though Islam prohibits corruption but for this man, it is a non-issue. I guess the only Islamic for him is to vote for these crooks who use the religion for their personal gains.


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This is the ideology of PMLN, PPP and JUIF leadership. Shame on them. Their followers should realize that the leadership is teaching them to shun the very basics of morality.


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Jo khanzeer aur h...m zada Paisay laay krr apnay baap ki jasoosi krr saktaa hai aisaay Beghrt Munafiq , Islam frosh ,double Gay h....mi ke nazdeek corruption to shayad swaab kaa kaam hogaa


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Hamein bachpan mein islamiat mein aik Hadeeth parhai jati thi key corruption lene and deney wala dunoon jahannami hein...............this FAT pig doesn't know about that??


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Despite I hate Moulana Fazal but what he is saying is what PTI is acting on?
If Moulana Fazal is corrupt then what actions are taken by PTI against him?


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