Corrupt and Fraudster Sultan Lakhani in Deep Waters as his Deal with NAB has been Challanged in Sind


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Like other powerful corrupt businessmen in Pakistan, owner of Lakson group, Sultan Lakhani has made billions on the basis of the bank fraud he committed after taking loans from banks he had connections with and then failed to return any of it. When NAB took a grip on the matter, the corrupt business man took a plea deal in which he agreed to return the amount of more than Rs 15 billion to the banks to avoid jail time and loss of possessions. But to this date, neither the amount has been returned to the banks nor NAB has strictly tried to implement the decision as per the plea bargain.

Corrupt Sultan Lakhani also owns various companies including Express Media Group, Lakson Tobacco company and many other businesses. Build up on black embezzlement money.

Recently Amity intl took notice of this disregard to law and filed a petition against Sultan Lakhani for undermining the authority of law, committing bank fraud and failing to comply to the terms of the plea bargain. The petition also asks the honorable court to not only retrieve the outstanding money but also to litigate against the corrupt and fraudulent Sultan Lakhani and his empire to make sure such corrupt practices do not become a tolerable act in this country





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