CNIC Mangne Par Fahim uz Zaman Galio par utar aye *abusive content*


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Of course. That is what a CNIC is for. You have to have it on you at all times. Simply put, you have to be able to prove your identification to a law enforcement officer at any time.
I doubt it but o e
It’s it’s called red zone and you need to prove who you are...what’s wrong with that....these poor policeman don’t make this up....they been given sane man will justify the character he has shown...!!!
Not justyfing his attitude. It was just a question about law ? as I did not have the knowledge.


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who is this son of a bitch who the bloody hell is this bastad fahim ? never heard or saw him is he a kaloo bori bastards chamoona ?


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This man is a foul mouthed idiot, but then police in Pakistan respect you more if you talk to them like a big dick. Anyways, i have the following questions, I wonder if someone can answer ...

- Are you legally obliged to carry your CNIC and present it to police officer upon request to be able to get by in your city/province ?
- If yes, then what happens if you don't have it upon your person ?


Minister (2k+ posts)
This person seems mentally imbalanced. He should be first punished and then sent for psychiatric treatment.
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