CM's Spokesperson Shahbaz Gill briefs about Police Reforms in Punjab


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Shabaz Gill sb we need a system where if any police officer misbehave with any lady he should be sacked straight away and it's not hard job for present government people gave you vote for change and all the changes start from local police station.if you make them accountable more than 70% crimes would stop,cos every criminal can't do anything like kidnapping, adulteration,and drugs without local SHO understanding .we need result not speeches.

Nadir Bashir

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Somethings they are doing wrong.
1. For PR, it should not be an employee but should be civil society. For example, a group of Councillors,Students and other nobles and these shall be replaced on regularly basis.
2. Cases shall be registered online by the Union Council not by the Police Station and after police shall submit FIR. There should be an option to for the parties to make amendments at least once to know actual safety and security condition of the region under that police station. Usually police stations report all good in their region and dont report cases.
3. Torture without judicial permission shall be punishable with job and end service benefits like army.
4. Arrest without warrant shall be punishable with job and end service benefits.

Basicly i want to say, that you cannot expect a snake to guard you.


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It's been a year so we PTI supporters do not accept such lame excuses. Reform Police and other institutes otherwise get ready for daily CHITROL from people who voted for you!
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