CM Usman Buzdar leaves Shahbaz Sharif behind in VIP protocol


Senator (1k+ posts)
I am proud of you Buzdar, you have shoved tabdeeli up the arse of every youthia
Oi JAHIL Gandowah.. Of all the people you mother effing kunjur lohaar pimps of Tawaif khandaan of Jati Mujrah should commit suicide.

You have the balls to criticize PTI? Bhungee Nawaz k tuttay baz. What is your real? Pundit Lal son of a AIDS infested prostitutes. F U.


Minister (2k+ posts)
the issue is in his face
his face is lifeless totally and since he has no reaction to anything, he is the butt of all jokes
i said it in 2018 and am repeating, he is Mamnoon Hussain of PTI
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