Clifton/DHA Karachi sank into sewage: Pak Foj Zindabad


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A few weeks ago they were talking about giving Karachi to Pak Foj, NDMA and Federal Government. But torrential rains last week exposed them in front of the whole world. They take billions from the people of Clifton and DHA Karachi, but their performance is the same which we see in Kashmir and the rest of the country. They have proved that all their levels are filled with incompetent people who are probably recruited because of their relations to some major sahib or brigadier sahib.

Clifton, DHA residents stage sit-in outside CBC's office over board's 'incompetence'

They say that Sindh Government is corrupt. Yes they are. But you are also corrupt. You both are the same, thieves and criminals:

'Under 4 feet of water': Rains wreak havoc in Karachi’s DHA

Now if you have any shame, then shut your mouth and don't talk about any 'fantastic tea'. Yes you are a good chai wala maybe, but not a good army nor any good administrators.
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