CJ Saqib Nisar advises public to stop drinking mineral water


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Well CJP Sahab,
start with you family, set example.

Sometimes I don't get how these people at highest post don't have common sense.
First yes, good suo moto. The issue deserved attention.

But solution>
Stop drinking mineral water destroy the business of these companies so they close shop.

Missed out thing:
Health Regulatory companies and their ministers not called.
Testing facilities not questioned. Ideally an audit should've been called for to see how come they pass the testing requirements.
Committee for law making should've been called, to see the amount of water they can extract, or the areas they can extract from.


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I have a better idea.Just import water from other countries.Only rich drink mineral water anyway.I am sure, They will be able to afford it regardless.
Your idea will increase the import bill
I have even better idea, let companies invest in plants that can make desalination plants that converts to drinking water.
Import bill not increased, Investment will come in Pakistan, we will utilized endless resource of sea.

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The whole "mineral water" industry is a scam. Has been busted in America ages ago and they have fucking regulations and standards for it which they don't even comply with and we don't even have any of that. Due time this mafia is taken care of here as well. They're doing nothing but depleting our natural reserves.

There's a reason he's the CJP and you're not.

No restaurant in the States can force you to buy bottled water as per a ruling of their SC.

If you had paid any attention to the case you'll find Nestle alone is pumping 800,000 Litres/hr from our underground water reservoirs and has been buying it for RS.0.25 Paisa, not even a fucking rupee!


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Funny. What has CJ to do with mineral water? It can only happen in Pakistan. Incidentally most of his suo motu notices regarding matters not related to judiciary end up in the trash box. So sad
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