Chinese envoy appreciates formation of economic zones in Punjab

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LAHORE: Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing called on Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar at his office here on Thursday where different matters of mutual interest including promotion of Pakistan-China relations and CPEC related initiatives came under discussion.

During the meeting, both agreed to take collectives measures to initiate public-private partnership for giving new dimensions to bilateral relations, establishment of special economic zones and development of the social sector.

Talking on the occasion, CM Buzdar called China the most trustworthy country and appreciated the Chinese cooperation “in the development of new Pakistan”.

“A new chapter of Pakistan-China friendship has been written in the tenure of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Work has been started on the new dimensions of Pakistan-China economic relations while the CPEC project carries vital importance in the durable development of Pakistan,” he added.

The chief minister said that the Punjab government is establishing new special economic zones where Chinese investors will be given incentives and facilities, adding that public-private partnership will further boost Pakistan-China economic relations.

CM Buzdar said durable development of social sector is a priority of the government and Chinese cooperation in this regard would be welcomed. He announced that people-to-people contacts between Pakistan and China will be further strengthened and we will move forward by identifying the future strategy while considering the new dimensions of the CPEC project. He appreciated Chinese cooperation in energy, infrastructural development and other sectors and added that government is desirous of benefiting from latest Chinese technology in agriculture and farming sectors. A conducive atmosphere is provided for investment in Punjab and Chinese investors should take benefit of it, he added.

In reply, the Chinese ambassador appreciated the establishment of special economic zones by the Punjab government and hoped that Pakistan-China economic relations will be further strengthened and both the countries will benefit from public-private partnership initiative. “We want to further extend our cooperation with the Punjab government for the development of social sector,” he stated and added that joint steps will be taken to boost public level contracts and China is siding with Pakistan in its journey of development and prosperity.

Chinese Consul General Long Dingbin, Punjab Mass Transit Authority MD, principal secretary to CM, secretaries of industry, P&D and energy departments as well as high-level Chinese official were present in the meeting.

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ایسی خبریں شہباز شریف کے مطلق بھی بہت اتی تھیں.... اب بس کردو چینیوں ایسی چاپلوسی کی باتیں


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Special Economic Zones to ban gae....lekin Chinese investor 1 bhi nahi aaya......when you have a retarded Finance minister (Appointed and approved by IK) who raised interest rates to 10% causing not only mass inflation but increasing the interest paiments on loans by billions of dollars....which investor is going to pour money in? NONE. Second mini budget is likely to be dropped on us in a few days....All foreign portfolio fund managers have taken their money out of Karachi stock exchange......that should tell the business confidence in this government of retards....aur karo devaluation all of it is the result of it. Now you can't even blame the previous government for the devaluation coz its done by YOUR APPROVED Finance minister. Dikhae khawab thay....lekin niklay nitemare
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