Chief Selector Inzamam-ul-Haq resigns from his post


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Don't dare to listen to you... you were a good batsman of Pakistan, internationally just above average... nothing more than this, no intellectualness.

Thank you for resigning voluntarily otherwise might have been asked to step down.
lol you are such a moron. Imran rated Inzimam as better than Tendulkar but here we have a gem of a genius who who is talking about intellectuality


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Yeh B.C abhi take MEin Mein Mein Mein Mein Mein say bahir hi nahein nikla
Mein Samjhta hoooon , B.C Tu kuch Samjhta to Team ka Yeh Haaaaal Hotaaa
Aik Dum Choootiyaaa Pay kay ADAMI ko Cheif SELECTOR banaoooo Gay to Aiysi TEAM hi Banay Gi


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Imam has 50+ average statistics speaks itself how many other Pakistani players got this sort of average? saying this someone not good!! must be backed by some solid reason and arguments on what ground you or anyone else on this thread moaning give us statistics tell us what's wrong why anyone say he isn't good only problem I see is he some time struggle with shot pichted deliveries he is 23 years old technically sound has temperament just need to work on few things we dont need tollay with 230 strike rate and 30/35 average we need players who can stay on turning wickets for 50 overs ??? Tollay usually get all team book on 100/150 in 30 overs and sometime if luck and wicket doesn't have much for bowlers once in a blue moon these tollay get clicked we score 300 plus otherwise most of time they performan not very consistently.

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