Chief Justice Saqib Nisar latest speech | 11 January 2019


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I stopped when he started the JUDGE only wants to deliver justice and save a victim.
I cant listen to him any more Please, I heard his speeches and standing comedies with attention and belief, but none of his words came true nor his character I found as per his words, if fact I have seen him misusing this power, humiliating respectable people, protecting criminals, he is abusing the amunity that he have being a Judge, wihtout any fear of the time when he will enter in some court , if not in this world but definitely in the world after this.
So no more wasting of time in listening to his bull shits.
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Wake up Pak

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Jaan choor hamari. He will be remembered as one of the worst CJ of Pakistan.
All talk, just rhetoric and personal gratification.
So many important cases he did not bother to take up.
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