Bilawal Zardari refuses to accept that PTM's Mohsin Dawar & Ali Wazir attacked Army's Check Post


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Kaash hum 1971 se Seek sakte ( jhoota propaganda karne se jang nahi jeeti ja sakti. Agar jhoota propaganda kaam ata to aaj Bangladesh hum se alag na hota!


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PTM has crossed the red line already. Now it is high time for the Establishment to take decisive actions against them.
A Foreign-funded group cannot be a patriotic one.
Their loyalty lies somewhere else.


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------ اسرائیل آرمی

اقتدار حاصل کرنے کی خواہش میں بلاول کے نانا نے انتخابی نتائج انکار کیا بلاول غداروں کی غداری سے انکار کر رہا ہے


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میرے خیال میں لگتا ہے کہ بلو رانی کو پرچی کے ساتھ ساتھ ہیڈ فون کے ذریعہ مدد مل رہی ہے۔
سگنل جامر سے چیک کیا جا سکتا ہے۔


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Come on don't give a damn to what this Hijra says.
Billo Rani became Chairman through his mother's fake will, Accidently.
This Accidental Chairman never did anything for his own living.
He lives on his father's looted money & what he says is not his own version rather a scripted one, prepared by patwaris.

Except for rural Sindh PPP doesn't exist elsewhere in Pakistan. So it's irrelevant. Just Chill...


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Iss Khusri Billo Zaleeldari naay PTM walon ko bhi apna Boy friend bnaa liyaa yeh khusri Agrr jail gai to wardens ki aur iss khusri ki to mojaan hi mojaan


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There is a saying in Pushtu ' yaw lawar sal dawr' which means one stout stick is enough for a hundred Dawars. How Dawar ran away leaving the stupid Wazir alone. He will be hiding in rat-holes till Uchakazai bails him and sends him to Afghanistan.

Dr Adam

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سچی بات کا اقرار کر کے میں اپنے سرتاج محترم و مکرّم گُل خان صاحب نقشبندی

😩... سے مزید نہیں پَڑوا سکتی . عید پر ورلڈ گے کونسل سے خطاب کرنے بھی جانا ہے
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