Bilawal Zardari announces to challenge PS-11 by-election result


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عمران خان کي حکومت خود مافيا بن چکي ہے وہي لوگ بيٹھے ہيں جو ہر حکومت کے ساتھ ہوتے ہيں ذرا حکومت رخصت ہونے ديں يہي شيخ رشيد کسي نئے آقا کي خوشامد کررہا ہوگا
خود کو دن رات نفرت ابگیز قصے کہانیاں ، جھوٹے افسانے سنا کر آپ کا اپنا ایمان تو اس بات پر ہو سکتا ہے مگر نہ تو حقیقت بدل سکتی ہے اور نہ ہی لوگ آپ کی باتوں میں آ سکتے ہیں ۔۔ بہر حال کوشش کرتے رہیے ۔
مگر خیال رہے صورت پی پی والوں جیسی نہ ہو جائے جنہوں نے دہائیوں اتنا جھوٹ بولا ہے، افسانہ تراشی کی ہے کہ اب وہ خود ساختہ دنیا سے باہر نکلنے کے قابل نہیں رہے ۔


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Bro u know me..i am old worker of ek bat mujey smjh ni aa rahi..shyd ap meri help kr sakain..k ye seat GE 2018 mai GDA jeet aur ppp haari....n same abhi hua..tou PTI + GDA jeet pr itna khush q ho rahi aur PPP haar pr ro q rahi?

agr GDA+PTI koi aisi seat abhi jeettay jo GE 2018 mai PPP ne jeeti hoti...maza tb ana ab q itni excitement k bhutto marr gya etc? is seat pr GE mai bhi bhutto Alhumdullilah marr gya tha..i am jst confused..
My statement was actually in response to Bilawal's extremely standardized claim of rigging, and challenge etc. The fact that despite being promoted as the 'fresh face', he has devolved into standard patwari level politics is what leads me to say that bhutto mar gaya.
Another argument perhaps is that since PPP is ruling the province, they have a strong hold on the locals, and exercise it during by for them to lose it again is a setback.

As far as the seat is concerned, I already mentioned this is another post. GDA won this seat in 2018 by a margin of 12000. This time around, the margin has reduced to 5000. PPP gained a few thousand, and GDA Iost a few thousand. Personally, I think its because voters dont like GDA, and are not being pursued by PTI either.
PTI needs to work harder in Karachin and interior Sindh. They will find a lot of support there.


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Salute to the people's of PS-11, wake up against all wadayra's for the sake of your generations ,Bhutto died in 1979 after his death all criminal and corrupt looters used his name for their own benefits.
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