Bilawal is making every possible effort but he can't save Zardari - Najam Sethi


Minister (2k+ posts)
Tu abba lagta ha Nawaz Zardari ka jab do numbrian ki hain to ab bhugtain b zara
They all are in trouble ka bacha, ya ni bol raha k they all are respinsible for mess and they should be behind the bar
Ulta begharat bol raha ha k IK dattay huway hain or Ryasat ki baat b ni maan rahay kon c Ryasat basharam insaan


MPA (400+ posts)
What a load of nonsense establishment with imran corruption issue no 1 and no way forward with this corrupt politicians who have destroyed pakistan way forward out with this scum rulers and mr najam sethi your tajzias out of date you are sale by date
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