Beg, borrow, steal for the economy: Mian Mansha


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Lol. India is an export led economy. These old Babus are still idiots.

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Is Mansha economist or what? Looks like an Investor who can go to any length to grind his own axe... I can't believe how these bloody looters come on media and ridicule the people..
Without corruption and support of corrupt elite, he could not have made a fortune.
If he is such a capable businessman, he should perform much better in any European country or US. Why Pakistan?


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He is a biggest beneficiary of ipp policy. Most of these seths are haramkhor rent seekers living of on govt contracts or monopoly within the country. To export something you need to be competitive and innovative. That is why these seths and babus are not pro export


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بھیک مانگو چوری کرو قرض لو
یہی کرتے رہے ہیں یہ پچھلے چالیس سال سے
خان نے کہا کماؤ تو موت پڑ گئی


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ایک روپیہ میں اس کو چلتا ہوا کامیاب مسلم کمرشل بینک شریفوں نے دے دیا تھا جس کے بل پر یہ ارب پتی بن بیٹھا ہے۔ دو لمبر کاُبیوپاری اور باتیں ملک کی ایکونومی کی


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Only IT can turn the tide of Pakistan's economical miseries, IT is the only sector which can attract forex in short run.
Mubarak ho, imported government IT income per 30% tax laganay ka soch rahi hai... Too Smart...
What IT guys will do.. they will keep their income placed in foreign banks outside Pakistan..
Pakistan will be ultimate loser...
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