Bakhtawar is taunting Federal Government for not donating into Sindh Fund.


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Why would federal govt contribute to provinces after 18th amendment? KP & Punjab govts have given their own stimulus packages. Federal govt is giving on Where is Sindh's money? Tell Malik Riaz, Omni Group & daddy to help the poor with the money they looted. Get money from Dubai ............Hurry up 🤭

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BC when you pyo is sitting on more money than the entire state of Pakistan has in it's coffers how dare you bitch about Sindh fund.

And why should anyone donate in Sindh fund, might as well donate directly into Zardakus overseas bank account. Because it's going to end up there anyways


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This is such a wrong approach? If every province starts collecting funds from its province only, kPK & Balochistan will lag behind, considering there are fewer big businesses there.

A company based out of Karachi, that sells everywehere will be forced to limit its contribution towards GoS only.


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You idiot tell us how much your immoral dad donated to Sindh government ,who bloody looted billions of dollars from poor Pakistani exchequer .
No it works the other way around? Dad don't donate to sindh government but sindh government donates to dad..Here is how it works:
Sindh govt announces a fund and deposits 2.5 arab into it.
Private sector another half arab in the fund....Total over 3 arab
Sindh govt spends the fund money ( in papers only ) on the poor and needy
And who is more poor and the needy?...Poor old sick man.....Zardari. He takes it all.


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One thing I dont under stand that why some one doesn't bring this virus to all the corrupts and money launderers like Faslu.Dakoo Zardari and family,Dhakoo butt brothers and family and all the Pakistan haters. This is one in million chance now boys.
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