Azam Swati decides to resign from his position


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Cause, He was the one who took the high moral ground not Zardari, Sharifs.If the same case was against pml-n minister, You know very well that he would not only be criticizing pml-n minister but asking for their resignation.
So, if you don't take high moral ground like Nawaz and Zardari, you are not answerable. Seems like Noora logic.


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یہ استعفی 62 ایف کی کارروائی رکوانے کے لیے دیا گیا ہے لیکن اب تو چیف جسٹس صاحب نے نوٹس لے لیا ہے تو اب یہ کارروائی رکنے والی نہیں بہت دیر کردی مہرباں آتے آتے


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Watch the last nights rauf Klasra show about him this guy gave fake million dollar note with Statue of Liberty on it as dontions and his real name is Bashir Ahmed
Woh jo kuch bhi hey, yeh batao Mehru un Nisa ko kub Insaaf miley ga, Mehrun Nisa is an illegitimate child, woh nateeja hey Mariam aur Safdar kay ghar say bhag ke ZINA ka..
Mariam kay nikkah kay 4 maheenay baad peda honay wali aulad huraam ki hey..



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Cause, He was the one who took the high moral ground not Zardari, Sharifs.
Im always amused to hear this line. Mostly it comes from PMLN and PPP. 'hum to saaf honay ka dawa nahi kartay'. Lol. Why are we making a mockery of justice and fairplay? Just becuase IK 'took the high moral ground' means only he has to take tangible actions....and the others are forgiven, because they never claimed to be clean?
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