Asif Zardari calls for end to arrests in order to move forward : Complete speech in National assembly after NAB arrest


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Durr fitay munh teray, abb yey kunjar akhlaqi dars daay bloody lucky you are living in banana state.


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IA Pakistan main ab rule of law hoga aor teray jaisay ghunday jail ki salakhon k peechay hi sarain gai.. IA.


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کچھ ایسا غلط بھی نہیں کہا- جیل کے اندر بھی عوامی ٹیکس کا پیسہ ان پر خرچ ہوتا ہے- نہ سزا نہ ریکوری تو ایسے نظام کا اچارہ ڈالنا ہے
to band kar do jails phir. Atleast they are not enjoying their looted money. Kissi baat pai khush na hona!
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Shameful to watch crooks being released on the name of production orders. What a pity and mockery of law!
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