Asif Zardari calls for end to arrests in order to move forward : Complete speech in National assembly after NAB arrest


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Was he not lying on his death bed until yesterday??? 😁 😁 😁

Ghaseet Ghaseet k.. aur Logo k saamne Zaleel kr kr k maaro Saalon ko! 😉😉

Glad that electronic media is capturing all the events day-by-day. This leaves no chance for their prodigies to make these pigs siasi shaheed like Bhutto and fool the nation after their death!


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He is quite happy thanked MQM n Baluch
Looks grip of PTI getting weaker.
He is 100% assured judgment will not go against him.


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Zardari you are responsible for this budget
You should have voluntarily surrendered 2 billion dollars of your looted wealth and asked the country to forgive you instead of your comments which are unacceptable
You should not be in the sanctity of the national assembley unless u are cleared of the charges


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Is Zardari high? I have never noticed his voice to tremble like this... ya NAB ki jail mein Ayan Ali ki sahoolat mojood nahi thi?


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بے شرمی کی حد
پہلے بھی جیل سے اسمبلی میں آتا رہا ہوں۔ یہ میرے کوئی شرم کی بات نہیں ۔ حد ہوگئی بے شرمی کی


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For Asif Ali Zardari pakistan khape but only with loot mar fake accounts money laundering and assets outside for himself


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عّزت ماب کو بادشاہ بنادیتے ہيں بلکہ پاکستان آرمی کا چيف لگا ديتے ہيں😃😃

Doctor sb

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کچھ ایسا غلط بھی نہیں کہا- جیل کے اندر بھی عوامی ٹیکس کا پیسہ ان پر خرچ ہوتا ہے- نہ سزا نہ ریکوری تو ایسے نظام کا اچارہ ڈالنا ہے


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عمران کو عوام اسی لئے لائی ہے کہ وہ تم لوگوں سے حساب لے
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