Arab News Poll "Current Protests are Positive or Negative for Pakistan?"


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Just saw a poll on Arab News , I am sharing it with you.
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Are the current protests in Pakistan positive for the country's future or something that could dangerously destabilize the country?

Positive for Pakistan 57.99% (370 votes)

Negative for Pakistan 42.01% (268 votes)

Total Votes: 638

So whats the point



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Thank you for voting!

Positive for Pakistan 59.53% (409 votes)

Negative for Pakistan 40.47% (278 votes)

Total Votes: 687

The latest results.


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Sir ji, polls ka aik he point hota hai, logo ki rae jan'na. Yahan is liye share kia ta k log is poll main participate kar saken.


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Thank you for voting! Positive for Pakistan 63.41% (525 votes)

Negative for Pakistan 36.59% (303 votes)

Total Votes: 828


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Yes because now Pakistan Tehreek e Internet has got a hold of the poll's weblink and it would now tilt towards their will ASAP :)
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