Another Child Sexual Abuse Scandal Unearthed in Faisalabad

After Kasur, Faisalabad is in spotlight after a major scandal of child sexual abuse unearthed, in Samundri area of Faisalabad district. Three separate cases have been registered against three accused at the police station under Section 377 and 292 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

Kasur: Three Children Found Dead After Suspected Sexual Assault
According to the FIRs registered at Tarkhani police station, a gang of young men in Chak 222 Samundri has been sexually abusing boys. The accused, identified as Mohsin Ali, Ahad Jutt and Abdur Rehman also documented their perverse actions in pictures and on video.

Villagers residing in Chak 222 alleged that more than 30 children have been victims of sexual abuse. Many claimed that they have seen the harrowing photos and videos which have been circulating among citizens. Meanwhile, the family of the accused have locked up their houses and disappeared.

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