Amir Khan to donate Rs40m to Pakistan for coronavirus emergency fund


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KARACHI: Boxer Amir Khan has promised to donate Rs40 million for the welfare of the poor during the lockdown in Pakistan.

“Amir Khan Foundation will make sure to distribute ration and other necessary things among the poor,” said Amir.

He has also offered to use his boxing academy in Islamabad as a quarantine centre.

“I want to help the government of Pakistan as they assist the patients affected by coronavirus,” he said.

Amir added that the quarantined patients need to be kept separately so the gymnasium in his boxing academy will serve the purpose perfectly.

Earlier, Amir offered his wedding venue for use to Britain’s National Health Service.

Khan said he was ready to hand over the keys to the 60,000-square-feet (5,600-square-metre) venue in his hometown of Bolton as concerns grow over bed shortages.

The 33-year-old former world light-welterweight champion said in a post on his official Twitter account: “I am aware of how difficult it is for the public to get a hospital bed in this tragic time.

“I am prepared to give my 60,000 square foot 4 story building which is due to be a wedding hall and retail outlet to the @NHSuk to help people affected by the coronavirus. Pls keep safe.”

Premier League side Chelsea last week said they would provide free accommodation to NHS staff in a hotel at the club’s Stamford Bridge stadium.

Former Manchester United players Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs have given health workers free access to their hotels in Manchester.

Global sports stars Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have all made donations to help tackle the health crisis.

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Nawaz sharif ishaaq daar shahbaaz sharif and zardari has very good time win the heart of the people.


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Who does he think he is? 'promised to donate' Rs 40 000 000??
Shobaz speed pooray tabbar say ashirwaad + photos lay kar London say aa bhi gaya, 2/3 hangami mushawrati ijlaas aur walk out bhi kar daalay, aur to aur nooni naqaab poshon ki aik team ko aik side table bhar kay masks bhi donate kar diyay, aur yeh abhi 10 000 main pehli qist hai.. Yeh hota hai Geedar aur yeh hota hai action. Abhi Sindh main door-to-door lifebuoy sabun aur aadha kilo chawal ki baat to reh hi gai..
Stupid foreigners. No, not shareers and buttoos, you Amir Khan, you and the like!


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HADIS E RASOOL S A W W ,,, AL JAWWADO HABIB ULLAH" Sakhi Allah ka Habeeb hai......
May Allah keep Amir Khan happy All his life..... Amir Khan have won my heart........ Hats off to Amir Khan...


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May Allah SWA Accept his gesture and Bless him to realize his pledge .. Ameen
May Allah SWA Bless us to contribute and play a positive role in these testing times and Forgive us for our sins and short comings Ameen
May Allah SWA Rid us all of this Pandamic ... Ameen

Abdul jabbar

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شاباش۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ عامر خان
یہی وقت کی ضرورت ہے۔
عامر خان مشعل راہ ہے ان بیرون ملک اور اندرون ملک پاکستانیوں کے لئے جو اس وقت اپنے وطن کے لئے کچھ کر سکتے ہئں۔
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