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Alibaba and Forty thieves


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moron changars donation le kar aisay kush ho rahay hai jaisay khazan haat lag gaya hai aur jaisay pehli dafa china ne donation diya hai

China provides $4m aid to Pakistan for tackling coronavirus: Hammad Azhar

ISLAMABAD: Economic Affairs Minister Hammad Azhar announced on Thursday that China has provided aid worth $4 million to Pakistan.

In a post on Twitter, Azhar expressed gratitude to China and said that the ally had provided "grant assistance of USD 4 million along with 300,000 medical face masks, 10 ventilators, and other equipment".

Ye khota namurad airport par private company se donation receive karnay ke qabil hai


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I doubt these masks will get to the deserving people ...... shart lagalo Black mai bik rahai hongai for a huge profit....
This reminds of ZA Bhutto. During two floods in 74 and 76،. international donations were stolen by the party leaders and were blatantly sold in the open market in the later years. And Gilaani who, apart from other thefts, facilitated PPP MNAs to steal all of billions approved for fertilizer subsidy for the flood affected area.
PPP will do what it is designed for - steal from the poor and destitute.
NDA will do a fair job..

پیپلز پارٹی ایک وبا فروش دھندہ پارٹی ہے

Wake up Pak

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Case in point, look at this qalandar blunder peddling tweets with fake documents. This is their reality. He claims that the original document is fake and the one shared by ppp follower with fake logos is the original.

جب انسان حرام پر پل کر بڑا ھو باپ کی حرکتوں کی وجہ سے اس جنس مشکوک ھو جاۓ بیرونِ ملک اس کا زیادو وقت gays اور lesbians میں گذرے تو ایک تو وہ اول درجے کا بیغیرت ھوجاتا ھے اور دوسرا، بے انتہا جھوٹا بھی


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اگر چین کی یہ امداد زرداری کے ہتھے چڑھ گئی تو اسکا بلیک میں نہ بکنے پر کوئی شبہ نہیں ہونا چاہئے
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