ajeeb o ghareeb


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Today, i was watching the scheduled programs of PTI. I surprised to see this pic. So direction-less media and people here. 1st we say, talbans are with IK, next allegation, yahoodi lobby, next, agencies and now Mummi daddi. Disgusting. Most of its supporters ,to whom i know are desi. For instant, I am basically from Verpal Chatha, near Gujranwala. people around me are also from middle class. Infact, they are trying to patch up Ik with a factor, which is mostly unliked. But in vain. Jisay Allah rukhay, usay koun chukhay



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hmara media belgham aur without any vision k kam krta hai..irresponsible logo k hatho main media power agai hai..programme ke ratings bharanay k lea negative approach adopt krtay hen.. dunya main kahen esa aur ho raha hai...khuda janay hum kahan ja rahay hen..pakistan ka matlab to LAILLAH-ILALHA ager koi aaj ye bat media pe aa ker kre to boht bre shidat pasand,jahil,daqianos,aur molvi bun jata hai..
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