Abid Sher Ali brings out illegal properties of Imran Khan


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This thick head still in uk?????do need to check his visa...it must be expired by now unless he has got suylum??


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So he stole money in millions of dollars from charity yet the hospital is running smoothly which also gets a yearly audit which you couldnt find when u were in government but omg iski corruption ki barkat tou dekho he made a hospital in peshawar too and plans to make in karachi.. yeh kesi chori hai k jitna paisa mila us se ziada kha lia par phir b paisa utna he raha :/
Yaar logic kaha baich k ae ho?

Dr Adam

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I seriously thought since he knockout in GE 2018, this Abdi Shurli must be working in some stage drama as it suits him more then parliment but just saw this video so thought to share with this community as well. Lo g #patwarion oye wala shuli apne "Marhab" ki wafadari main phir chittar khane agiya


گدھے کے سر سینگھ ہوتے تو یہ خلائی بارہ سِنگھا ہوتا
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