ABB TAKK news channel looks like indian channel AAJ TAK


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Abb Takk news channel is same as Aaj Tak TV india

I just watch this channel yesterday and it look really suspicious to me...

Who is owner of this news channel and who is funding it ???



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This channel is a an Alternate Launch of APNA Punjabi News By The Same Owner. And Its pretty much on the format of Indian Channel Aaj Tak.


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and abtak chanel looks a little pro MQM........i mean i have a feeling i may be wrong..........


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sir kuch sample bhi post kerain pro mqm kay, we dont have this available in North America

while watching different tv chanels at a time i noticed abtak chanel dont miss even silly breaking news from MQM like Dhoom & Metro which are definatly Pro MQM........then again it is my observance and as i mentioned i may be wrong...


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Re: Aaj Tak (India) - Abb Takk (Pakistan) Why their logos are same ?

what about GEO TEZZ & Indian TEZ NEWS!!

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Re: Aaj Tak (India) - Abb Takk (Pakistan) Why their logos are same ?

just cpying each other ideas, no biggy IMO

no biggy ? it looks so fishy, copied idea is a different thing, but copying name and then copying the logo is difficult to digest, its like Idol, Big Boss, Who wana be a millionaire, such shows are owned by a multi national network and local channels are obliged to follow the rules n regulations set by theme owner,

Its a disaster, if this is the case here
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