Aamir Liaquat On Fire | Aggressive speech on Sahiwal Incident in National Assembly


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IK needs to totally unleash him on the opposition Make him a Minister and let him loose in and out of Parliament. NO OTHER PTI wallah can do that to the opposition

Only if he was really working under Buzdil Khan's leadership:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


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Hindus alert on the thread:
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Can you imagine this guy is banned by the courts to appear on TV because he is full of non-sense and crap and hate but he is shamelessly making "firey" speeches. The worse part is the same people who criticise Shabaz on making speeches in assembly are supporting this guy.

So this proves, there are no principals, no ethics and no sincerity.
We are all just the children of the gods we choose.


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he spoke well
he is a clown...but he isn't evil doing corruption of millions...killing people like land grabbers or taking extortion money

Fat Amigo

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He is a rented bastard.

Youtiay should refrain from giving this ahole some legitmacy because his own daughters hate him to his core.

PLUS, he is just trying desperately to kick Fawad Chaudhry out and take Information Ministry as a paid propagandist of ISPR.
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