A video by die heart fan of shoaib Akhtar

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No doubt ,,, hi is a great bowler ,,,,,,,,,is jaisa bowler dubara kabhi paida nahi ho ga --------------- duniya ka koi be aisa batsman nahi jo is se ek defa na dera ho ,,,,,, lara, tendulker , sehwag , kirsten,, ganguly ,ponting ,,,,sab ki band ho jait thi is ko dekh ker ,,,,,, liken ye be pakistan cricket ki politics ka shekar ho giya ,,,,,,,,,


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He started as a player and ended as shame for himself and nation.

His proudness was his enemy together with his performance and his deeds....

Like bretlee said HE IS AN ACTOR NOT A CRICKETER ...


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there is no doubt he was a legend but the way he left the cricket is not fair with the cricketer of that calibre he is responsible for that is well cos in the ground he was always 100% but outside the field his activities are unacceptable in our society if he was wise enough then his records in cricket would be untouchable


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Such a darling he was ... and the noughty but the boldest child of the class ... I always believe that if he could have played for any other country then Pakistan ... he would end up owning an ISLAND by the end of his career ... but as always he did the same treatment with him what we usualy do to the HEROES OF THIS NATION ....SHOBI WE LOVE YOU (clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)


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he was a great bowler, by far the greatest bowler and fear factor of his era.......but his was not treated well....i wish him a good luck for rest of his life


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the greatest bowler ever after wasim akram and imran khan i count him the best of all time pakistani cricket has ever produced... PCB couldnt handle him properly.. general touqir zia handled him and he played remarkable cricket in his era. shoaib akhter was an honest cricketer with no allegation of match fixing on his whole career. there are matck fixers in pakistani team still in playing eleven. everyone knows it.. shoaib akhter was legened and legend sometimes becomes undigestible to maafia of match fixers in board and in the team as well
pakistani cricket cannot produce a fast bowler like he was..
long live shoaib akhter and sorry we didnt give you the status what u deserved..:(


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He was his own worst enemy, never tried to change himself. His arrogance killed him. But he deserved a farewell match.

But now I dont wanna see him doing boring jobs a commentator or a coach. He's got much more to offer. He should go to bollywood now. The genre he can be successful in will be comedy action movies. He should start a garam masala type movie with salman khan, as both are same.
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