A tribute to legendary Moin Akhtar


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Guys, I would just like to brush off the dust from your memories with a very pleasant and classic drama 'Half Plate' by Late Moin Akhtar, Khalida Riyasat, Latif Kapadiya and many many more.

Especially the last minute of the play is worth seeing:

Sehar tumhain naseeb ho ay kushtagaan-e-shab
Rooay ufaq pe subh ke asaar dekhna



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Bichhra woh is ada se ke rut hi badal gayee
Woh aik shakhs saaray shaher ko weeran kar giya ....................... I do not think Pakistan can ever get a legend again like him in Showbiz ...... We can set standards for measuring the performance and caliber but He owns his own standards we cannot compare him with anyone else .......... Like I do not think anyone else can even think to reach near his standard or class ...... As his class was unremarkable ........ In-fact I have no words for him ...... and I am sure not only I but 170 million people of this country have the same feeling for our beloved legend !!!!!!!!!!! We cannot ever forget his performances ............ He has given this country and the people of this country a LOT ..........


Bhai mere ab us kay liya maghfirat ke dua karo na kay wo bohat bara funkar (so called legend) tha wo jo bhi tha ab us ko haqiqat pata chal gai ho gi ALLAH us ke maghfirat karay.(Ameen Sum ameen)


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A comedy genius. The most gifted and talented Pakistani comedian ever.A highly dynamic and versatile performer. I grew up watching his plays in the 80s and 90s. TV shows such as 'Studio 2.5' and 'showtime' are an outstanding testament to his immense talent.

A legendary performer and even greater human-being. Thank you Moin for all the joy and happiness you gave to your many admirers around the world. You are an inspiration for generations to come and one of the few that stand out so distinguishably. You are one of a kind

Allama Iqbal's following verse befits you

hazaaron saal nargis apni beynoori pe roti hai
bari mushkil sey hota hai chaman mein ek deedawar paida

Moin Akhtar laid to rest, thousands gather at funeral

May Allah forgive all your sins and grant you paradise and may your kind soul rest in eternal peace - Ameen.
Words cannot describe his talent. He was and will be the only ONE in his field. So sad on his demise. May Allah bless his soul and give him a place in heaven.


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Yeh TV ki dunya mai wahid admy hai jis ko mai star tasleem kerta hoon warna baki saray marasi tou aik say hee hain .
i really miss him ALLAH usss kay akhirat k mamlay assan karay AMIN.
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Wonderful human being and simply the best actor of the Indian sub-continent. Words cannot describe his merits. May his soul rest in peace.

Saladin A

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May Allah bless his soul with Janat-ul-Fardoos. Ameen

I am proud to say that he was a true Pakistani who will always be remembered with fond and cherished memories by millions of Pakistanis for his par-excellence talent, comedy shows and TV serials. He made us happy, laugh and brought sunshine to our homes every time we watched him on the screen.

He will never be replaced and live in our hearts and minds for ever as an artist, actor, comedian, compere and TV host of superb skills and oratory. I always looked forward to watching him on the screen. He was one of those unique talent and artist who are born once in a century.

May Allah Mian give his family and next of kins courage, himat and patience to endure his demise. Ameen

Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

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In memory of Moin Akhtar

In memory of Moin Akhtar

by Ahmer Naqvi on April 22nd, 2011

When Salman Rushdie wrote Shame, his novel on Pakistan and its politics, he chose to use a mentally-challenged child as a symbol for the country. In his mind, Pakistan was a dream less imagined and the shame felt by the characters in the book towards the child was akin to the shame felt by the countrys people towards their own identity.​
For all the effigies burnt, fatwas issued and death threats launched, Rushdie had a point. It is not easy trying to make sense of this country, which forever seems to be ripping at its seams, forever dangling at the precipice. Unfortunately, the common response by the high and mighty amongst us is to try and show the rest of the world how we are not who they think we are the tragedy being that all that effort would be better spent at introspection.
Introspection does not require self-loathing; it just requires intelligence, wit and love. It is not an easy mixture, but it was one that Moin Akhtar had in abundance.
What was brilliant about his career was not just its staggering volume or the fact that despite its vastness, his work was always of the highest quality. His legendary characters brought so many of our prejudices and vanities to life. His one-liners became an indelible part of our cultural fabric. He was not just a slave to his craft, but rather he was someone who determined what his craft would be to all others who practiced it.
But those are reasons to celebrate him, and celebrate him we should.
What we must mourn is the loss of someone who refused to bow down to the relentless contradictions and cynicism plaguing our society which breeds nihilism and corruption in equal measure. When everyone taunted us, Moin Akhtar showed us how to laugh at ourselves.
What we must mourn is someone who made us believe that institutions and structures may help, but their absence in our country does not obscure genius. Moin had no recourse to massive paychecks, protective guilds or fawning awards, yet he did not need his ego to be fed in order to continue doing what he did best giving the rest of us a chance to smile, a chance to hope and to believe.
I kept wondering which of his famous dramas, stage plays or characters to link to for this post, but I suppose there is no need. A legend like him doesnt reside in the vaults of online videos; he resides in our hearts and in our memories.
Even now, if I try to imagine him, my brain throws up a stream of iconic images. There was so much of our lives, our histories and our society that he dove into, embraced and reproduced in a manner that we could shed our anxieties and feel comfortable with our own selves.
So I suppose that is the best way to honour his life, his work and his memory; by remembering that there was someone who helped us accept that we are not the same as everyone else, that we do appear bizarre and shocking, and that all of it is nothing to feel ashamed about.
Moin Akhtar may have left us, but what he gave us can never be taken away.
Ahmer Naqvi is the Brian Lara of his generation hes a genius but his team usually loses. He blogs on his own property in
Blogistan, and makes short films you can see here, and here.
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