A powerful person has asked PM Imran Khan to remove Usman Buzdar?


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Options are very limited in Punjab. Buzdar should be replaced but by whom is a real question. Feel pity for Khan who has to deal with filthy corrupt punjabi politicians.


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پہلے پنچاب کو توڑو جیسے کے نیازی صاحب نے ۱۹۷۱ میں کی تھی پھر پاکستان کی بات کرو


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I love PM Pakistan, I admire his efforts to bring back Pakistan into the line of respectful and developed countries, I salute his loyal, honest and patriotic comrades and I pray may ALLAH help Imran Khan to make Pakistan a proud and strong country in the world and the fort of Islam.
That being said Mr.Buzdar's performance so far is not some thing that can be said impressive, Any one can ask to replace him with some jubilant person, this shouldn't be a shock.

Dr Adam

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Yeh noon leak ka bhoonka khalai khota hai Daktar saab!

خلائی کھوتے تو الله کے فضل سے عالی جناب حضرت شُرلی صاحب نہیں ہوتے ؟؟؟

دونوں میں سے پھر مہان کھوتا کونسا ہوا ؟؟؟
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