A golden example of Citizen's portal, an enlightening answer.

Abdul Allah

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Must be fake

I launch similar complain and i receive response as

Partial Relieve granted.
Summary is sent for funds allocation etc. etc.

Citizen X

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This screenshot is actually from KotLak Pat Jail Portal, where the questions are forwarded to Qaidi number 4470. This is his reply


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Looks kinda fishy though but if it's legit then that's gotta be the most unprofessional attitude of a gov employee.
I can't believe that any customer care person can do this. Seems fake to me.
Im really sorry, but this is BS. I cannot believe in a million years that the citizens portal would have a response saying "Closed- Relief cannot be granted".

This is probably some low class garbage spam from PMLN
Seems legit to me... Look at the OP complaint. He has triggered the XEN.

OP has without any proof blamed the road incompletion on corruption- "The delay is due to corruption and criminal negligence". So when this case was forwarded to the XEN as per the audit trail. he replied saying its that not everything should be blamed on corruption and said the funds are needed by MPA, go approach him (ignore the language)..

So this chain of actions seem legit to me.

P.S. The remarks are not by customer care - but by the XEN who has directly been blamed.


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It’s a big scam - registered complaint from overseas Pakistani regarding ridiculous tax policy on used mobile phones but no response - PTA has asked me to pay a tax which is more than current value of this 3 year old phone (Rs. 56,000 tax on a phone which isn’t worth more than $250), moreover I’ve already paid tax on this phone in the US. Does it make sense to anyone?
Extremely disappointed - this government is full of morons and I was so stupid to have voted for them in the last elections. Never again.. thank Almighty I was only “planning” to settle in Pakistan and hadn’t taken a serious step - I’m going back now iA - this country is in a worst shape than it was an year ago and will get even worse - I’ve heard a few folks mention that in a foreign country, you’re treated as a second class citizen - well in Pakistan you’re treated even worst than a third class citizen - just visit any government office and you’ll know it!!!
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