300 Prados booked for Saudi crown prince’s visit to Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Preparations to welcome Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman in his first-ever visit to Pakistan are in full swing and the government has already booked 300 super luxury Toyota Land Cruiser Prado vehicles for the royal visit starting from Sunday.

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aerobatics team Sherdil will enthrall the visiting dignitaries with a fly-past show using JF-17 Thunder jets, sources privy to the development told The Express Tribune on Tuesday.

However, Prince Mohammad will use his personal vehicles, which will be transported from the kingdom along with his other belongings. It is believed that 80 containers will be shipped to Islamabad for the crown prince and his entourage’s stay.

Sources said everything used by the Saudi visitors will be brought from the Saudi kingdom. Decision on number of vehicles to be brought from Saudi Arabia, will be taken at a high-level security meeting in the federal capital on Wednesday.

The Saudi prince will be accompanied by 130 royal guards during the visit, they added.

It may be mentioned that a 235-member delegation of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC), led by Pakistan’s former army chief General Raheel Sharif, is already in the country to review security arrangements for the royal visit.

The crown prince will be presented the guard of honour by a smartly turned out contingent of the country’s armed forces upon his arrival the PM House, where he will stay throughout the trip. Prince Mohammad will then hold a one-on-one meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan at the “PM Camp Office”.

The prime minister and President Arif Alvi will host the prince at luncheon and dinner respectively. A cultural performance will follow the dinner at the Aiwan-e-Sadr (Presidency).

Meanwhile, several meetings to ensure foolproof security of the visiting dignitaries are being held in the capital. Saudi officials, who came along Gen (retd) Raheel on Sunday, have started taking necessary steps to ensure the crown prince’s safe and comfortable stay at the PM House.

Sources further said that several food items were also being brought from the Saudi kingdom for Prince Mohammad.

After decades of dependence on Saudi grants, Pakistan is poised to sign billions of dollars of investment deals with the kingdom during the visit scheduled to begin from February 17, including a multibillion dollar oil refinery in Gwadar.

On Monday, Prime Minister’s Adviser on Commerce and Investment Razak Dawood had said Pakistan and Saudi Arabia will sign three memoranda of understanding for investment in oil, renewable energy and mineral sectors during the royal visit.

“It is very likely that an agreement for $3 billion oil facility on deferred payments will also be signed during the visit,” said Dawood, who was very upbeat about keen interest being shown by Saudi investors in Pakistan.

Pakistan will also ask Saudi Arabia to take part in the privatisation of over $2 billion worth of LNG-fired two power plants, although the kingdom had earlier showed interest in buying those units only under a government-to-government deal.

Dawood did not put an exact investment figure by Saudi Arabia, as the precise size of the investment will be determined once a feasibility study of the oil refinery is ready. The adviser estimated minimum $10 billion to $12 billion Saudi investment in Pakistan in the medium term.
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Minister (2k+ posts)
Sadgi :) the guy who has abdoned by the whole world is getting VVVIP treatment in Pakistan,
First of all he is not abandoned by the world, secondly even if he is we shouldn't care.
India tried its best to isolate Pakistan, many countries showed some attitudes before 2018, but Saudi never become their partner.
Well come the Royal Prince, the prince from Saudi Arabia, the prince from the family of the custodians of the holy Mosques
Hai Allah!! :cry::cry::cry:

Jalan ho rhi hai??? :love::love::love:

Koi nhin... Get used to it. Saadgi is here for another 20 yrs. :cool::cool:

No doubt, haseedeen k liye ye dunya bhi jahannam hai aur akhrat mei tou hai hi! :LOL::LOL:

Emaan se dil ko bari thand milti hai paen di sirrion ko tarappatay huaye dekh k! Please never give up!! Muaaah!! :poop::poop::poop:

Sadgi :) the guy who has abdoned by the whole world is getting VVVIP treatment in Pakistan,

Citizen X

Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Super Luxury Prado !LOL BC sirf chootiye Indian malbari yahan Prado aur Pajero leyte hain because they are too cheap to pay for the full size Land Cruiser

Ek to Pakistani media ko bi masalay laganay ka itna shouk hai na. Super Duper Ultra Sonic Boombastic Mega Blaster Luxury Prado ! Hahaha

Baba yeh Sheikh log issi tarah ghoum te hai, most of the stuff is their own that they send ahead of time to where they are visiting. I know a few people who work for them and seen it myself, literally from cars to toothpaste is sent before hand in big C 5 galaxy military cargo planes.

Same when they go for hunting in Africa, Central Asia and Pakistan, aas paas ke gao ki eid ho jati hai.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
kia kisi ne note kia...
an enormous LOL

sipah salar al jaish al islami al aalmi MBS ke hotel room aur bait-ul-khila kee security check karnay kay liyay mulk mein pehlay se moujood....

yeh badshah ka body guard hai yaa sipah salar?????
ab tou badshah bhi keh uthay gaa..

thankyou raheel shareef..itni achi maalish..subhanallah subhanallah..badshah salamat khush hoey!!!

"Pakistan’s former army chief General Raheel Sharif, is already in the country to review security arrangements for the royal visit. "


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
MBS bringing his own things..Who can stop them??Even USA President bring his own security peoples and food..water..in the name of security.where ever he visit...MBS visiting with huge delegation..which I rare to see in Pakistan from any world leader visit..
Any way......Most well come KSA King..
ek taraf PM house ki cars bech di.....dossri taraf 300 prados rent p le li for few days........ye hai gaddhon ki hakuumat.......how stupid are these people.....lagta hai saudis ko please karne k liye ye kuch bhi kar saktey hen.......inkey mai baap hen lagta hai
is Bushra pinky or Aleema baji going to entertain the crown prince with that magical pigeon and flying sewing machine?
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