مریم نواز کا حرم کعبہ کے باہر وزیراعظم پر ہونے والی نعرے بازی پر ردعمل


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لاہور: سابق وزیر اعظم نواز شریف کی صاحبزادی مریم نواز نے حرم شریف میں وزیراعظم عمران خان پر ہونے والی نعرے بازی پر ردعمل کا اظہار کیا ہے۔

وزیراعظم عمران خان اِن دنوں سعودی عرب کے دور پر ہیں جہاں انہوں نے عمرہ کی ادائیگی کی۔
سوشل میڈیا پر حرم کعبہ میں وزیراعظم عمران خان پر نعرے بازی کی ویڈیوز وائرل ہیں، ان ویڈیوز پر مسلم لیگ ن کی نائب صدر مریم نواز نے بھی عمران خان کو تنقید کا نشانہ بنایا ہے۔

مریم نواز کا اپنی ٹوئٹ میں کہنا تھا کہ عدل و انصاف فقط حشر پر موقوف نہیں بلکہ زندگی خودبھی گناہوں کی سزادیتی ہے۔

ان کا مزید کہنا تھا کہ دوسروں کو چور چور کہنے والے کو انشاءاللہ منہ چھپانے کی جگہ نہیں ملے گی، جھوٹے اور بہتان باز کو کیا کچھ سننا پڑ رہا ہے، ابھی تو آغاز ہے۔

یاد رہے کہ وزیراعظم عمران خان وفد کے ہمراہ اسلامی تعاون تنظیم (او آئی سی) کے سربراہ اجلاس میں شرکت کے لیے تین روزہ دورے پر سعودی عرب میں ہیں۔



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From the movement it seems they are all around the kaaba. Generally the place is jampacked so it hard to have such a clear voice but I dont know a lot about editing.

Cape Kahloon

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Meryam tum nay such kaha Zindgi Iss sey bari saza
Nawaz Shreef ko oor keya day phale Eid Nawaz ke
London main ne Pakistan main hu rehe ha oor woh Be jail Main.
Oor han ess dafa tum Be London main Eid ne ker sako ge Yeh saza Be tumhary leay kam tu ne ha

Roast King

This video is edited and voice input was done after making the video. It means that no one said such words in Makkah. Mariyum media cell dubbed the voice over a video clip. Shame on mariyum qatri.
You Are Right bcz i can see that nobody is noticing it or looking towards him which shows the reality and real face of potwari's trying to fool people.


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یہ جو بھی بول رہا ہے گوالمنڈی کی آنٹی مریم صفدر کا پراپرٹی ڈیلر جو اس کے پہلو میں بیٹھا ہے بول رہا ہے لعنت ایسی شریفوں کی گندی نسل پر جن میں جھوٹ اور عیاری گھوٹ گھوٹ کر بری پڑی ہے


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Nawaz was chosen by General Zia for his Low IQ coz Gen. Zia wanted a 'damp squib' who never had any political experience or political struggle & would simply serve his Master Gen. Zia, that just what Nawaz did till death of Gen. Zia, even after his death.

Nawaz's contributions in Pakistan's politics:

Nawaz introduced so-called 'Horse Trading' in politics. First time Pakistanis had witnessed "Changa Manga ki Siasat" in Pakistan. (buying MPs & MNAs with a briefcase full of money)

Nawaz inventing "Lifafa Journalism," bribing media house with Govt. advertisements & buying TV Anchors & Columnists with money full of Lifafa thus destroying their ethics & integrity of entire print & electronic media.

Noora undermined Pakistani Judicial system by attacking Apex court. Nawaz Sharif & his PMLN party attacked Supreme Court Judge Sajjad Ali Shah in November 1997

Architect of 'Saazishi politics'. Nawaz & his party PMLN instigated Saazishi politics in Pakistan, they planed & collaborated with nondemocratic forces to bring down PPP government not once but twice.

Destroying Institutions. Nawaz & Shahbaz systematically destroyed all state institutions of Pakistan..be it NAB, SECP, NEPRA, OGRA, NADRA, FBR, ECP or Punjab Police, PIA, Pakistan Steel Mills, State Bank of Pakistan by putting their front men, without merit, in those institutions.

Compromises on Pakistan's security. Dawn Leaks controversy reflects the mindset of Sharif family i.e. Nawaz & Mariyam Safdar. How they paint the Pak army negatively in the newspaper with fabricated planted stories.

Times of India writes:
"Modi, Sharif had hour-long ‘secret’ meeting during Saarc 2014.
Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif held an hour-long secret meeting on the sidelines of the Saarc summit in Kathmandu."

Hindustan Times writes in April 2017:
Steel tycoon Naveen Jindal's brother Sajjan "secretly" met with Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday at Murree. Only two other persons were presented in the meeting other than Nawaz, Shahbaz Sharif & Maryam Safdar.
Subjects of the meeting still unknown to Pakistanis.

After Nawaz's ouster from PM office, an Indian diplomat said on an Indian TV talk show, 'Nawaz's removal will be a big setback for Indian as we (Indians) had invested on him to a great degree.

Till today Nawaz never made any comment on Kulbhushan Jadhav the Indian spy. For him, Modi's loyalty is more important than Pakistan.

During his four and half years of PM-ship, there was no Foreign Minister for Pakistan. He never appointed one. There was nobody to counter anti-Pakistan propaganda in international forums. This was done by design to allow Indian narratives to win over Pakistan's.

Now the people of Pakistan should decide what they will call Nawaz Sharif,
the Nelson Mandela, the Che Guevara of Pakistan or Mafia Godfather.


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iss bdd kaar Buttni frari Qatrion ki mama sang ki double shifto maa baiti aur damaad ki bdkarion double mai monh kala krnay ki saza kbb milay gi ?


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jo gand ik ne shro ki th wo abhi uske mooh pr kechar ban kr lag rha hai baki is aurat ko galiyan dene ko dil kr rha hai k dash insan makkah m b politics nhi chhhor rhi hai gando auraat

Champion 01

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What else you expect from a WHORE, every body knows their family background.
Her G Grand father was a famous PIMP of Amritsari Jati Umra, known as DALLA HARAAN wala, her Grand father was a gutter kay dhakan chor, her Father is serving sentence becaue of corruption and money laundering, her Chacha and brothers are absconders.
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