Total Cases
Coronavirus in Pakistan
PUNJAB 1072 BALUCHISTAN 175 Deaths 41
KP 343 AJK/GB 204 Recovered 130

عدالت سے ضمانت میں توسیع نہ ملی تو نوازشریف کیا کریں گے؟


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
NS is real Mughal King of Pakistan. Threats will come back to his paid judges ,
Don’t worry these paid judges will issue
ICL so he can’t come.
But if things decided that Charrsi Mawali will go then He will come to Jail for 2-4 weeks and come out as Nelson Gawal Mandela, so Zardari will also try to get his bail cancel to become Shaheed .
To be honest these three Zardari Nawaz n Imran after Musharraf literally raped n sodomised our beautiful Pakistan.
Not only they are bloody incompetents, they are also corrupts.
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