1. mdanishtaha

    Quran Pak is hand-written nearly 400 years ago

    400 Years old Hand Written HOLY QURAN PAK [/COLOR][/URL][/B][/IMG] This Quran is hand-written by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb (RA) nearly 400 years ago (During 1636-44 & 1653-58). It is 13.5 kg in weight, 39.5 CM long and 20 CM wide. It has Golden and silver colored graving. Every page has a...
  2. J

    PML(N) ke MNA Ayaz Amir per Jinsi ziadati ka muqadma.

  3. biomat

    Libya and Syria: The Neocon Plan to Attack Seven Countries in Five Years
  4. moazzamniaz

    Sahiwal Central Jail: 50 years for irking judge

    Sahiwal Central Jail: 50 years for irking judge By Taha Siddiqui Published: August 29, 2011 20 years on, prison authorities say Khurshid Hassan has served his time. DESIGN: ESSA MALIK SAHIWAL: Put behind bars 20...
  5. Amna_Amo

    11 years old young Da'ee ( Zakkaria) - Mission: Dawah


    The first Quran Search Engine made by a Pakistani Zahid Hussain.

    Download Link and Developer Zahid Hussain Official blog Link. Download Link
  7. M

    Man drank wife's blood for 3 years in Madhya Pradesh - Shining India for Marvi Sarmad

    Man drank wife's blood for 3 years in Madhya Pradesh TNN Jul 18, 2011, 03.35am ISTBHOPAL: This real life incident has the making of a scene from some vampire movie. A 22-year-old woman in Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh has told the police that her husband drank her blood for the past three...
  8. hans

    IAF lost 46 fighters in 7 years. flight safety issues.

    Indian Air Fore facing Quality Control issues. NEW DELHI: Indian Air Force (IAF) has in all lost 46 fighter aircraft in little less than seven years since 2005, government said on Wednesday. "During 2008 to August 17, 2011, a total of 26 fighter planes of IAF had crashed. During the...
  9. QaiserMirza

    100 Years Old Pictures of Pakistan

    100 Years Old Pictures of Pakistan
  10. sarmad

    Two U.S. hikers detained in Iran on espionage charges have been sentenced to eight years in prison

    Two U.S. hikers detained in Iran on espionage charges have been sentenced to eight years in prison, state-run TV reported Saturday. Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer were charged with illegal entry and spying. They and another person, Sarah Shourd, were seized two years ago when they were hiking in...
  11. awan4ever

    Pakistani pilot offers condolences after 46 years to daughter of Indian pilot he shot down in 1965 w

    Nearly half-a-century after shooting down an Indian civil aircraft under orders during the 1965 war with India, a Pakistan Air Force pilot has sent a condolence message to the daughter of the pilot of the aircraft he downed. Qais Hussain, a rookie Flying Officer during the 1965 war, made this...
  12. J

    Apparently Musharaf is in Indian Custody under Terrorism Charges for Past 11 Years

  13. L

    Masjid reopened after 65 years in Ludhiana India.

    LUDHIANA: In what could probably have been the best gift for Ramzan, people of Chota Walipur village on Hambran Road gifted a mosque, which was abandoned during Partition, to Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid in Ludhiana. On Tuesday, Naib Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Mohammad Usman Rehmani offered the...
  14. H

    Inside defense budget: a story about how our military distributed free kerosene oil for 25 years?

    In 1972 Pakistan aeronautical complex karma was made in district attock. At that time there was no gas facility in the area .for this military started distributing free kerosene oil to every soldier. 20 liter of free oil was provided to every soldier and officer after one month. In 1980 gas...
  15. H

    Zoom 100 Million Light Years From Earth

    This is what humans have discovered so far.and their ilm (knowledge) is very limited. After looking at thismeaning of lot of hadeeses became clear. For instance.last person enter in Jannat will get the jannat which will be 10 times of this earth. Subhanallah. Allah is the only creator..imagine...
  16. J

    A priest spent more than 25 years in christian church say Jesus told me 2 convert 2 Islam

  17. mrcritic


    REHMAN(RAYMOND)MALIK's STATEMENTS OVER THE YEARS: May 3, 2009 The interior minister asked the Taliban to disarm, saying it was the last warning being handed out to the terrorists. Daily Times July 15, 2009 Strict action would be taken (against police officers) if any incident of target...
  18. Ghost Rider

    Pakistan's 50 years of International Peacekeeping

    Pakistan started its first UN Peacekeeping Mission in Congo with 400 soldiers. Since then, the country has been an integral part of the international organizations' peacekeeping operations around the world. Today, it is the leading troops contributor with more than 10,500 troops serving in...
  19. KhanHaripur

    Junaid Jamshed performs Dil Dil Pakistan LIVE after years in Toronto, 2011

    abdullah550 before it gets ugly and people start him blaming of doing haram, they should know that signing patriotic songs is allowed in Islam if they dont include musical instuments. DislikeFlagBlock UserUnblock UserRemove 5 hours ago LikeReply 2 people like this
  20. J

    30 years old NASA Project Finished ---last shuttle on earth

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