1. S

    Sochaan by Sid... Heart Touching Song 2011

  2. nightshadow001

    This is how poor Iftar their Roza in Pakistan - Heart touching Performance by Azizi

    Say something about this video..........Ghareboon kay yahi halaat hain aaj kal
  3. famamdani

    Heart touching.. only watch if you have strong heart...

  4. I

    witness the heart touching moments of reverts taking Shahadah and crying

  5. Geek

    corruption touching Rs3 trillion in Pakistan - Transparency International

  6. mt_dilber

    A Touching Child's Wish

  7. Arslan

    Bachey Maan Ke Sachey - 8th May 2011 - Imran Khan - Mother's Day Special

  8. canadian

    A touching story of an Old man, his son and a sparrow

  9. Malik495

    A heart touching speech of Orya Maqbool Jan (Must watch)

  10. S

    A very thought Provoking Poem after Ramond Davis Release, Do not miss it!!! Soul touching Poem!!!

    Bismillah Assalam o Alaikum, After the continuous betrayal of Army (High Rank Officers), Judiciary, Politicians and Government. Here is a thought provoking poem.

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