1. J

    Once Again, two different days for starting Ramzan in Pakistan - Its first Ramzan in Peshawar today

    :p Pishawar ma roza nazr aa gia..kal pehla roza ho ga...Roze ko Qasim khan masjid walon na dekha...wo kahen kaam sa ja rha tha to unhen na dekh lia..jis ka bad ab kal peshawar ma roza ho ga...lolz
  2. Geek

    Kal Tak Ends - Javed Chaudhery announces his new show

  3. PkRevolution

    ARMY must consult Pakistani Parliament and get vote before starting another military operation in Wa

    We are not ready anymore for imposing new military operations without pre Vote from Parliament. When USA asked Turkey to join WOT they went to parliament for vote and they rejected any involvement in WOT with huge majority . Pakistan Army and defence institutions should learn to respect their...
  4. karachiwala

    A new T20 tournament starting in England - Guess who is starting the project?

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