1. The_Choice

    Sexual Intimacy In Marriage - Whats Halal & Haram?

  2. moazzamniaz

    Age of innocence: Karachis street child sex workers

    Age of innocence: Police have a hand in abuse, say Karachis street child sex workers By AFP Published: August 26, 2011...
  3. M

    Teen Hindu escapes 2-year forced sex work nightmare KARACHI: Kidnapped and forced into sex work at the age of 12 years, N, a Hindu girl, thought it was a nightmare that would never end. Duped by a man named Younus who was welcomed into the family...
  4. hans

    Toronto Imam charged in sex case

    Mohammad Masroor faces 13 charges, including sexual-related offences and threatening death. A religious leader is charged with a string of sexual offences against some of his students. Mohammad Masroor, 48, of Toronto, faces 13 charges and is believed to have traveled extensively...
  5. umairel

    Pak doctor given seven-year sentence for sex offences - Women must Beware of such doctors

    LONDON: A Sindhi nationalist activist and family doctor who abused his position to sexually assault five female patients while pretending to carry out medical examinations has been jailed for seven years. Dr Haleem Bhatti has been active in London as the foremost leader of the World Sindhi...
  6. canadian

    Upper class Drug and sex parties in Karachi, Lahore !!

    نہیں میں نہیں پیوں گی۔۔۔۔’ارے پھرتم یہاں آئی کیوں ہو؟ چلوڈ انسنگ فلور پر چلتےہیں’۔پہلی بار سیٹرڈے نائٹ پارٹی میں آنے والی صنوبر کے منع کرنے کے باوجود اس کی کلاس فیلو اسے گھسیٹ کرساتھ لے ہی آئی۔ ڈانسنگ فلورپرمصروف صنوبراسکول کی ڈانس کلاسزمیں لی ہوئی تربیت اوراپنے شوق کی وجہ سےجلد ہی پوری پارٹی...
  7. karachiwala

    US Embassy sex scandal costs company $7.5 million

    If youre going to provide security at a US embassy in Kabul, paying for sex might cost you a few million dollars. Thats the lesson learned this week by a private contract company that was hired to help out in Afghanistan and then accused of soliciting sex. The Department of Justice says...
  8. Geek

    CIA's secret Iraq weapon revealed: a Saddam gay sex tape

    Bizarre US plots included exploding cigars to kill Fidel Castro and fake video of Osama bin Laden's campfire drinking In their time, America's secret agencies have tried some outlandish schemes to attack their country's enemies, including, most famously, an attempt to do away with...
  9. Pakistani1947

    US Congressman Resigns In Internet Sex Scandal

    June 16, 2011 U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner is resigning from the House of Representatives after an Internet sex scandal. He apologized for what he called "personal mistakes" and for the embarrassment he caused. Weiner has admitted to exchanging explicit photographs and messages with six...
  10. E

    Kuwaiti woman politician calls for legalizing buying of concubines or sex slaves!!

    Men should be allowed sex slaves and female prisoners could do the job - and all this from a WOMAN politician from Kuwait By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 4:38 PM on 7th June 2011 A Kuwaiti woman who once ran for parliament has called for sex slavery to be legalised - and suggested that...
  11. Narcissist

    Women Rights : Sex slavery - old horizon yet to win

    Sunitha Krishnan's voice is not for herself, it is fight against sex slavery. She is picture of determination and will. It is powerful and shocking message she has for all of us, and that is to respect women and stand with her mission. This is cruel world, where keeping quiet is not option...
  12. mrcritic

    Sexy Inc. Our Children Under Influence - how the MEDIA plays with minds.

    Here is a short documentary highlighting the sexualisation of children which should come as a warning to all parents as to what their children are being exposed to in school and through all avenues of the mainstream media.:13: LINK below as video is not embedding:

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