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    Haider Rifaat Interview With GEO News Anchor Saleem Safi (2017)

    Check out an exclusive episode of 'The Haider Rifaat Show' season 3 with GEO News anchor Saleem Safi. He discusses Tehreek e Labaik, journalistic ethics and his struggles in an exclusive interview. WATCH here:
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    Watch How Afghan-Patriot & Pakistan Hater is Saleem Safi. Please Watch & Notice.

    Watch How Afghan-Patriot is Saleem Safi. How much he prefer Afghanistan over Pakistan. He is Trying Hard to make this little kid say some thing against Pakistan. Do you notice how openly he shows his hate for Pakistan and Love of Afghanistan. And Mir Shakil Ur Rehman is feeding him here in...
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    What do Pakistani Taliban think..??

    what do pakistani taliban think....?? - Saleem Safi saleem safi copies the letter of ttp commander asmatullaah muaweyah written to him.. note that asmatullaah muaweyah was not underground until few years ago.. he probablyopenly used to deliver speeches in pakistani madrassahs few years...
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    انصاف کے تقاضے

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    Who is Pakistan's Enemy Number One? Pakistani politicians, judges and media appear to be unified in their support of trying former President Musharraf for treason under article 6 of Pakistan's constitution. Unfortunately, no such consensus exists to act...
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    Nawaz Sharif calls for Taliban talks

    LAHORE: Pakistan’s prime minister-elect Nawaz Sharif Monday called for peace talks with Pakistani Taliban militants at war with the government, potentially charting a course that could put him at odds with the country’s powerful army. Speaking to the newly elected members of national and...

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