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Coronavirus in Pakistan
PUNJAB 1163 BALUCHISTAN 185 Deaths 45
KP 372 AJK/GB 218 Recovered 170

kartarpur corridor

  1. mustfarhan

    Sikhs complaining about Indian Government

    Insulting attitude of Indian government and Sikhs are speaking up. After returning from kartarpur they are seen with suspicious
  2. W

    JUI (F) is looking for face saving Says Dr.Mehar Abid Mehmood Hussain PTI Leader

    PTI has done historic act on opening Kartarpur corridor , JUI(F) is looking for face saving. Says Dr.Mehar Abid Mehmood Hussain PTI Leader.
  3. P

    Kartarpur: Cards played by PHATWAREEZ in Confusion

    Yesterday's Kartarpur Corridor Inauguration has caused massive confusion and visible screaming by PHATWAREEZ across the political spectrum. Both landay ka left wing and the right religious wing are butthurt. Here are some senseless cards they played in their confusion using tui logic from lack...

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