1. RiazHaq

    H-1B Visa Abuse; Flynn's Immunity Request; Muslim NATO's Pakistani Commander

    Why is H-1B visa abuse in the news? Why are Indian companies under suspicion as the chief abusers? Why does the lion's share of H-1B visas goes to Indians? Are H-1B visa holders replacing higher-paid ($95,000+ per year) American tech workers at significantly lower pay ($60,000 per year)? What...
  2. RiazHaq

    Pakistan Day; Adityanath as UP CM; London Terror; FBI Trump Probe

    What is the significance of March 23 for Pakistanis? How did Pakistan celebrate its National Day? What does the participation of friendly nations China, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the parade mean? World's Tallest Building Burj Khalifa Lit Up in Pakistani Colors What message does Indian...
  3. RiazHaq

    H1B Visa Abuse: What Do Software Engineers Earn in India and Pakistan?

    A segment of CBS 60 Minutes, top rated American newsmagazine on television, has recently brought sharp focus on H1B visa abuse. It alleges that the H1B visas are being misused by Indian body shops to bring low-cost Indian software engineers to the United States to replace higher-paid American...
  4. RiazHaq

    Trump Slump in Tourism; Corruption in South Asia; Imran Khan on PSL Final How does President Trump's latest travel ban on citizens of 6 Muslim nations differ from his earlier executive order blocked by courts? Will the new order face similar block? What is the economic impact of Trump's travel...
  5. RiazHaq

    TI Says India Most Corrupt Country in Asia

    A Transparency International (TI) study of 16 Asian countries, including India and Pakistan, has found that India has the highest bribery rate. 69% of survey respondents in India said they have paid a bribe, given a gift or done a favor to receive government services like education and health...
  6. A

    Indian Movies Ka Paisa Pakistan mein Deshat Gardi kernay ke Liye Istemaal hota hai

    Yeh Video zaroor dekhain and ghar ghar tak phalain ke kese India ka content dekhne se Pakistan me terrorism ko farogh mil raha hai. India Pakistan ka sab se bara dushman hai ap log jo bhi dekhtay hain Indian Content us a paisa dasat gardi ke liye istemaal hoa
  7. H

    Inaccurate & unauthentic Rating System - Media Logic

    Have you ever think who dictates & directs the narrative on Pakistans electronic Media??? General audience believes that owners of private channels are the ones who dictate what should or shouldnt go on cable. A large audience thinks that government has the authority to drive the agenda through...
  8. RiazHaq

    Most Polluted: China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

    The 2.5 micron particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution of air accounts for the world's highest number of pollution-related premature deaths in China and South Asia, according to a report titled "State of Global Air 2017". Source: State of Global Air 2017 PM2.5 Pollution Deaths: More than...
  9. M Ali Khan

    NYT report on how ISIS guides 'lone wolf' attacks worldwide

    Not Lone Wolves After All: How ISIS Guides Worlds Terror Plots From Afar The authorities in India say a group of men plotting a terrorist attack in Hyderabad were instructed by an Islamic State handler to collect explosives material from this spot on the outskirts of the city. HYDERABAD...
  10. RiazHaq

    "I Am a Troll" Exposes Indian BJP's Vicious Attack Machine

    "I Am a Troll" Exposes Indian BJP's Vicious Attack Machine Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi follows hundreds of twitter accounts regularly tweeting abuses and threats of rape and other forms of physical violence against Indian actors, artists, politicians, journalists, minorities in India...
  11. RiazHaq

    Pakistan-Obsessed Indian Reporter at the White House

    When the Trump White House press secretary Sean Spicer found himself being barraged with unpleasant US media questions at his first press briefing today, he called upon Pakistan-obsessed Indian-American Raghubir Goyal to ask a question. Goyal has been at the White House for over a decade...
  12. Matie Khan

    Why Should Pakistan Support Haqqani Network.

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  13. Team Sarwar

    Ch Sarwar Launched Campaign For Kashmir

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  14. Adeelsaleem

    ISI chief may be sacked soon from his post Indian Media

    Alt Link 607502692787144
  15. A

    VIDEO: Another Pigeon arrested in India for carrying threatening message to PM. Press TV

    A pigeon, which most likely came from Pakistan, was taken into custody by border guards after a letter addressed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was found on the bird. The letter to PM Modi was written in Urdu, a language spoken in Pakistan, and read: Modi Ji, do not consider us same...
  16. J

    How Much India Is Afraid Of Pakistan??

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