Total Cases
Coronavirus in Pakistan
PUNJAB 928 BALUCHISTAN 169 Deaths 35
KP 311 AJK/GB 199 Recovered 126

imran khan

  1. D

    ٹائیگر فورس کا مقصد اور ذمہ داریاں!

    وزیر اعظم عمران خان کی کرونا ریلیف ٹائیگر فورس کا مقصد اور ذمہ داریاں۔۔۔
  2. Digital_Pakistani

    Imran Khan is the leader Pakistan needs today. Gulf News.

    Prime Minister Imran Khan is turning all his promises into action, one step at a time. Reiteration, the process may take years but what has the certainty of the sun not rising in the west: Khan’s intentions are clear, coherent, and blemish-free. Cliched but true. Change is one of those few...

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