1. ishwaq

    Ghareeb USA Hakomat,Aur Ameer apple Company

    Apple holding more cash than USA Apple now has more cash to spend than the United States government. Latest figures from the US Treasury Department show that the country has an operating cash balance of $73.7bn (45.3bn). Apple's most recent financial results put its reserves at $76.4bn. The...
  2. fahid_asif

    ajeeb o ghareeb

    Today, i was watching the scheduled programs of PTI. I surprised to see this pic. So direction-less media and people here. 1st we say, talbans are with IK, next allegation, yahoodi lobby, next, agencies and now Mummi daddi. Disgusting. Most of its supporters ,to whom i know are desi. For...
  3. T

    mufadaat ki jung aur Ghareeb ka Jihad plus dirty games of corrupt politicians

    mufadaat ki jung aur Ghareeb ka Jihad plus dirty games of corrupt politicians Jihad mein khoon kis ka baha - ghareeb ka mistly form Pakhtoonkhaw kay jawanoon ka uksanay wala masoomon ko - Pakistan army and its inteeligence agencies Jehad one of its kind: General akhtar abdur rehman qurbani =...
  4. C

    Marta Hai Tou Bechara Ghareeb- Municipal Committee Operation

  5. C

    Azizi As Feeqa - Load Shedding Aur Ghareeb Awaam- Must Watch

  6. Malik495

    Ghareeb beemar aadmi (A thought provoking performance from Moin Akhtar)

    I have seen this video and couldnt stop my tears..please watch the whole video and think what moin akhter has portrayed as a poor man .. one of the best performance of moin akhter... plz note this is not a usual comedy program of lose will become sad after this...
  7. T

    why not ghareeb mochi gets 3 plots- why powerful journalists only gets ?

    agut hazum na ho tou delete kur dou is thread ko.. jub hum bolay ga tou bolob gay kay bolta hai...

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